Hello World… Again

Back when I lived in New York and was a freelance photographer, I used the blog a lot. Though blog might be too strong of a word, as it was essentially a glorified Instagram account of photos that I shot both for clients and myself.

When I moved back south for grad school, my blog took a backseat to research papers, telling new kinds of stories, and finding myself less and less with a camera in hand. I found a new voice through code and design (thats’s a post for another day), but my photo work is still a big part of who I am.

And after months years of putting this thing off, I’m finally carving out some time to start a new blog. While I will most definitely include some visual eyecandy from time to time, this is going to be a place to put my thoughts down and share articles and other goodies that I find helpful on the day-to-day.

So today I say cheers to my old Tumblr blog and say “hello, world” for the second time around.