I am currently a developer at Unity Digital, and have a master’s degree in interactive media from the UNC School of Media and Journalism, where I was a Roy H. Park Fellow.

Before moving to North Carolina, I was a freelance photographer in New York City, telling stories of muddy music festivals, dance-party weddings, hardworking single-fathers and everything in between (check out more recent projects herehere, and here).

While I still pick up my camera from time to time, today I spend most of my time telling stories through a different medium- welding lines of code with clean design to create dynamic, engaging and easy to use web-based projects.

I am passionate about finding the right solution for the specific problem at hand, and am not afraid of innovation or trying something new. My favorite projects are the kind where I get to work with all types of people to make something amazing.

I am super passionate about user interface and experience design and love working with code and can prototype and build out projects in front-end development very rapidly.

My process is simple and I love brainstorming over beers.
Let’s collaborate.