UI Interactions

I’ve been thinking and talking about UI interactions lately. It’s something I want to get better at in my own work- the small subtle stories that users experience everyday. Here is an article with a bunch of UI interactions- some inspiring, some not so much.

UI Interactions of the Week via Muzli



Creativity with CSS

I use to spend a lot of time working on art and creative projects just for fun. Nowadays, I spend more of my day than not in front of a screen, working on teaching, client work and personal projects.

So when I read this great article on CSS images, I was immediately inspired and excited. I’ve been wanting to learn CSS3 animations more in depth, and created this little bear this morning as I’m spending next weekend in the woods with friends.

Oh, and read the article here: How I Started Drawing Using CSS

See the Pen CSS Bear by Lexi Namer (@lexinamer) on CodePen.0