Lexi Namer

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Hello, I'm Lexi.

I’m a designer, developer, and educator based in North Carolina.

Passionate about creating ethical and beautiful products for the digital space, I am a communicator first and foremost. My philosophy is break down barriers between the technical and non-technical by simplifying the complex, and my expertise is multidisciplinary, spanning strategy, creative, and development.

I've been a freelancer for over a decade, collaborating with organizations like the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and Public Media NC. I previously built products at Duke University and Unity Web Agency. I was a Roy H. Park Fellow at the UNC School of Media and Journalism and I've been a teacher, mentor, and speaker on design and technology since 2015. I currently lead the design team at Echobind and am working on my doctorate at NC State, focused on ethical-centered design.

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UI/UX Design Bootcamp Client: ThriveDX

Built and directed the team and roadmap to design and launch a 400+ hour holistic design bootcamp, and helped scale the product to multiple universities.

Research Triangle Park Client: Unity Web Agency

Full stack designer for an accessibility-focused design and build of an accessible-focused multisite of the largest research park in the country.

Vuka+ Client: One Cow Standing

Product designer on the initial development of a heathcare app for teen girls in partnership with UNC, CONRAD, and USAID.


Leadership Playbook

Leading with kindness, empathy, and mentorship, this playbook details my philosophy and approach to growing and managing teams

Design Playbook

Passionate about creating beautiful, functional, and scalable products for the digital space, this playbook details my philosophy and approach to design.

Case Studies

Learn more about my work and process through a deeper look at a couple of my favorite projects I've worked on throughout my career.


My research lives at the intersection of ethics, design, and education. Ethics is missing from design classrooms, and most designers are never taught to ask if the products they are creating could be used to harm someone else. I’m focused on understanding how designers working in fast-paced environments can learn to quickly identify harmful outcomes within their day-to-day work. Through this work, I hope to contribute to the conversation of how we as designers can help steward a tech culture of responsibility and safety. If you are practicing ethical design in your work, I'd love to talk over a cup of coffee!


My work has been recognized by CPOI, the Webby Awards, and the Society for News Design. I created Ethical Design Resources and am the co-founder of UX Days, a meetup group to workshop ethical technology through design. I've worked with the educational nonprofit Clean Hands for Haiti since 2014, first as the Creative Director and now as a Board Member.