Graphic Design



Clean Hands for Haiti

These posters were created as part of a fundraising event for the non-profit organization, Clean Hands for Haiti, which supports children in Haiti through education, health, and sports. Their goal was to gain sponsorship for children’s education and raise overall funds for their programs.

In addition to the design and creation of a book.


BCDC Ideas contracted me to create a summer print campaign for SHIFT NC’s texting service, BrdsNBz, which provide teens with advice and information about sex and relationships.

SHIFT provided the copy and wanted to general direction to include bright, fun colors and gradients that are currently popular with teenaged girls. For the final product, I created several different variations of the same theme to keep the campaign consistent.



Start Here/ Never Stop Rebrand

These were designed as a print campaign for the rebranding mission for the University of North Carolina’s School of Media and Journalism. For the final posters (second row), I utilized large images of cityscapes to highlight different locations where students went on to success after the program.

The second part of the campaign was to create a mini website telling student success stories from the school. The landing pages are some designs that I created as part of that project.

Greeting Cards

I worked as a graphic designer for two years with Simply Fresh Prints in New York, creating cards and invitations for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, announcements and more. I also created custom designs for clients and handled the ordering and printing. Here is a sample of some of those designs.

Greeting Cards Greeting Cards2 Greeting Cards 3 Greeting Cards 4 Greeting Cards 5