Student Projects


Teaching, Project Management



As the capstone project for the full time courses I taught at The Iron Yard, the students created a comprehensive web-based application in three weeks to get hands on experience of the product lifecycle. The teams had 3-5 members, with students from both the UI and the Back End Engineering courses.

The goal was to bring an idea to a minimum viable product (MVP), with their app functional enough to be presented in front of their peers and industry professionals at a demo day.

As the instructor, I served as a mentor and project manager, leading each team through short sprints in an agile environment. The process the students followed included:

 Discovery Phase: Idea generation, competitive analyses, persona creation, user journeys, and project scope/definition

Concepting: More refined process flow, site maps, sketches, and wireframes

Design and Prototyping: Style guides, mockups, and prototypes (typically in Invision)

Development: Building out their projects and iterating on the design as needed and schedules dictated

Testing and Deployment: Informal testing depending on time constraints, revisions, and deployment to Heroku cloud server.


Here are a few of the amazing projects that my students created. 


A tool geared towards helping career-changers who don’t know where to start. It uses personalized data to helps users navigate what industries might be a good fit, gives insight into different workplace environments, and shows a real-time listing of jobs available. Created by John Bower (Python), Sanchith Kuttappa, and Lina Breslav (UI).


A responsive app to help users better manage their diabetes through the ease of use tracking of glucose levels, insulin dosage, water intake, and activity. Created by Zach Ferguson, Maksym Tymtsiv (Python), and Ashley Massengill (UI).

Teacher Talk

A tool to streamline the communications between teachers and parents. The messaging system provides multi-language templates for teachers to quickly send either an email or text to the parent. Created by Forest Newark, Chris Tang, Chris Mitchell (Java), and Lyndsey Mitchel (UI).


A satirical game where you get to create and play again other dictators for world domination. Created by Chris Anarud, James Hartanto (Java), and Ellis Anderson (UI).