Robert at the beach. 2007 (left), 2018 (right).

Editable running schedule

As a developer, my first mission is to solve problems. As a designer, those problems are often solved by creating usable and intuitive products.  Some friends and I are about to start training for a half marathon, my first since my disastrous marathon injury several years ago (another story entirely).

And like any good runner, I obsess over crafting the perfect training plan, which often needs to fluctuate from week to week. I haven’t yet found a schedule app that I really enjoy, one that lets me quickly create my own running schedule without a lot of bells and whistles.

So over a couple of lunch breaks at work this week, I decided to build my own, honestly in large part because I’m better with HTML than I am with Excel (and lets the frank, this is basically a glorified spreadsheet). But I then realized that my running buddies probably want some kind of schedule too, so I made it editable and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional spreadsheets.

It’s using local storage so it won’t work cross platform, but it’s definitely going to make my half training easier, so I call it a lunchtime win.

See the Pen Editable Running Schedule- Right click to mark days as done by Lexi Namer (@lexinamer) on CodePen.